What Is Attractive About Marketing That You Need To Know?

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In this article, I will be talking about what is attractive about marketing that you need to know and the vital aspects of marketing.

Thus starting from the Fundamentals Of Marketing to the Importance of communication skills in marketing.

Have you ever thought about how does a product fails?

Yes, your first answer would be poor marketing. Innovating a product just because the company wants to but creates no consumer demand for it can also utterly fail the product.

So everything about a product or service revolves around marketing.

Can you imagine a world without marketing? 🤯😵

How blinded and lost would all of us have been if there isn’t any marketing?

Marketing today has become more of a need than just a mere skill. — KBS

What is marketing? Why is it important? Is it worth the hype? What are its components and strategies? Does it really make a change?

Stay tuned until the end of the article to understand these vital aspects of marketing 🤞👀

Fundamentals Of Marketing

Marketing is like an assorted box of chocolates (marketing mix), with each of the factors having its flavor. Anybody can create a product, but the crucial part is how to make it reach a potential customer and turn it into a sale. And this is where the key role of marketing kicks in.

Let’s for example say that I’m a scientist from XYZ lab working on developing a vaccine for a pandemic. After taking a lot of effort I finally come up with a vaccine that can save millions of lives. Now that I’ve found the vaccine can I just expect the world to know about it and get vaccinated?

NO! The concerned authorities should make sure the world gets to know about this. And this is nothing but marketing. To be more precise this is called bio-marketing.

check this article to know more about digital bio-marketing.

P’s Of Marketing

Though there are 7P’s of marketing, 4P’s out of it are considered the most vital.

source: original image — Google images

Product: A product can be a good or service offered by a company to the customers. The product must be able to fulfill an existing demand from the consumers or create demand.

Price: It is the amount charged for the customers to render a good or service from a company. The price of the product can have a direct effect on its sale.

Promotion: The aim of promoting a product is to introduce the product to the customers. These let’s know what needs this product can satisfy which influences the price of the product.

Place: The place here depicts the market for the product. The chosen place must be able to turn the leads into sales. This placement strategy helps opt for the channel that is best suited for this product. For example, I cannot expect great sales of an air conditioner at a place where the temperature of that place is usually cold throughout the year.

Hence it is important to propound the right product to reach the right audience at the right time.

What Is Attractive About Marketing?

  • Marketing brings out the artist in you. The product is your script, you study the product and mold yourself to enact the role of a marketer. Though the character (which is you) is the same, the script (product) is different every time. It gives way to creativity.
  • Marketing strategies are like a series of experiments. Trailer marketing is more important even before the real marketing begins. You don’t know what and how the results turn out to be unless you perform the experiment which involves a lot of failures. Hence marketing strategy is all about trial and error. So it can be said that marketing begins even before the product is created.
  • Marketing concedes the freedom to explore both for the marketers and the consumers. For the marketers, it allows experimenting with the strategies while for the consumers, marketing accentuates the wide variety of products and services to choose from. Thus making consumer demand and product innovation a crucial function of marketing.
  • Even though marketing has been pervasive for a long time, the strategies are subject to change as time evolves.
  • Marketing can easily adapt itself to the time and trend, which makes it a more attractive field. Though marketing evolved into digital marketing today to adapt to the trend, the foundation is still based on traditional marketing.

Let us now understand how exactly Digital Marketing is different from Traditional Marketing.

Traditional Marketing VS Digital marketing

Traditional marketing forms the foundation based on which digital marketing was able to sprout. The fundamentals of traditional marketing are important to understand in order to succeed in digital marketing.

However, with time it is essential to concentrate the medium that is more likely populous to strike the right chord.

  • The main difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is that digital marketing helps to connect with a wide range of target audience as it can inspect the products and services in demand.
  • This proves much efficient and time effective compared to traditional marketing. Traditional marketing has very little interaction compared to digital marketing.
  • Digital marketing has made it easier to acknowledge the needs and interests of consumers. This enables to identify the target audience and reach out to them with the desired product to satisfy the demand.
  • The results obtained from campaigns in traditional marketing methods are tough to measure. Thus, adding an advantage to digital marketing as it is easier to monitor and obtain results from online campaigns.
  • Digital marketing is comparatively less expensive than traditional marketing.
  • Digital marketing gives more opportunities for customization.

Marketing is dynamic, it can hardly be monotonous. With every new product, it’s a new journey with it.

Be it for a product or service, from where does this journey begin?

It starts by building your brand strong.

Build a strong brand

It’s your brand with which people identify you in the market. It’s more important to be a leader in the subcategory if you are not able to be a leader in a broader category.

credits: Norte branding

Do you find anything wrong with the pictures in the collage above?

yes, you are right! Though the packaging or even the product is changed we were able to visualize the original products in the new packaging.

why do you think this was possible?

Exactly! That is the power of branding. These companies have built their brands strong enough that it got entrenched in our minds.

But what leads to build the brand strong or what does a strong brand get you?

Yeah, you got it right again!! Trust and customer loyalty, which compliments the questions both the ways.

Marketing should be helping the brand connect with the audience than just hyping up the product.

Strong brands also aim at influencing and creating an impact on society. For example, Lego aims at making the world a better place through its creativity and resilience. It conducts global campaigns focussing on social issues. Thus also aiming at breaking the social stigma.

“We see our role as a global force that can inspire creativity”

C, senior vice president, head of the company’s in-house creative agency the Lego Agency

“We have proven ourselves in the toy industry and now it’s about more than toys.”

Remi Marcelli

Another example of such impactful campaigns is Dove. Dove makes statements to be comfortable in your skin and your inner confidence is a real beauty.

some of the examples of factors that build trust in people are:

warranty, customer-centric campaigns, guarantee, and replacements of products and services.

This makes your customer feel that you are still connected and concerned about their service even after they have purchased from you.

As trust becomes mass, the brand becomes strong, which is true vice versa too.

Why do you think personal branding is important?

It is a well-known fact that word of mouth is a strong source of marketing.

people want to hear from you, not from your brands.

It gives personalization thus creating a strong connection and inculcates deep trust in your customers.

Elon musk can be considered as an example of personal branding. His personal brand is powerful than the company branding.

How do you think this was possible?

Yeah, the very fact that he loves to interact with his audience. This brings him closer to his audience which in turn proves as a strategy that has brought popularity to his brand.

Thus personal branding is all about personal approach, how you engage with your audience, and about the impact you create.

Personal branding helps you stand out of the crowd, for the value and impact you create which empowers you to be recognized as “YOU”.

How do you optimize your brand to drive traffic, and convert leads into sales?

This is where CATT marketing funnel comes to the rescue😎

CATT marketing funnel

wealth= n^CATT

source: DigitalDeepak.com

Where n = Niche

Your reach depends on your niche


Choosing the right niche is the foremost important thing. Everything else revolves around this.

“When you try to be everything to everyone, you accomplish being nothing to anyone.”

– Bonnie Gillespie

C — CONTENT It is not enough that your content is informative and engaging. Your content needs to be persuasive. Here comes the role of a storyteller. This art of storytelling in marketing enables you to connect to the emotions of your audience.


Attention is grabbed by words and colors
To connect with the emotions of others.- KBS

The attention of the audience is a blend of quality(of the content) and quantity(time spent). A marketer can either pay for the attention or earn the attention of the consumer.

Attention, for example, can include-

  • Using SEO
  • Social media
  • Paid ads
  • Referrals


  • Trust is a key factor that is to be maintained throughout.
  • Right from introducing a product to the audience until even after selling
  • a product. Every acquaintance is an opportunity to build a relationship and sow trust in them.
  • This trust is to be nurtured with time. Trust can only be earned thus considered valuable. When this trust is built, it paves the way for word of mouth. It plays a vital role in establishing your brand.
  • Trust is built with tripwires, marketing automation, retargeting.


This is the crucial part where the leads are converted to organic sales. The probability of transactions depends on the above-mentioned factors.

CATT drives your audience to think, perceive, and act.


Now that I have told you about the optimization, do you think implementing a single strategy at a time works?

I don’t think so

You need to opt for Integrated Digital Marketing.

Integrated Digital Marketing

source: DigitalDeepak.com

Integrated marketing can be understood as a strategy that is a mixture of several marketing tactics.

The concept of integrated marketing is to generate effective results through multiple strategies, which otherwise the individual strategy might not.

It is a collaborative framework with the ultimate goal of turning leads into sales.

Why Communication Skills Are Important In Marketing?

Communication skills are not all about the language or accent when it comes to marketing, all that matters is whether your interlocutor is able to decipher what you are trying to convey through that conversion.

It is about how effectively can you translate your knowledge about a product or service to attract the attention of the customers.

Effective communication skills give you the confidence to face your customers.

communication skills enable you to build a good relationship with your customer.


Marketing today is more of smart work than just hard work. I hereby conclude that it is important that we keep updating ourselves with the new trends in marketing.

Marketing is not a cakewalk; it involves a process:

Apart from the mentioned tactics and strategies, it is up to you to come up and try your strategies and ideas. You might consider following Peter Drucker’s SMART acronym while working on your strategies which stands for;
S- Specific, M- Measurable, A- Achievable, R- Realistic, T- Time-bound.
The chosen strategies mustn’t deviate from a real performance.

Hope this article helped you to understand the vital aspects of marketing. All The Best with your marketing.




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