Myself Regardless

Kota Bhaargavi Sai
1 min readAug 15, 2020


Amongst the chaos & depression,
love got misdirected,
Care got misplaced,
Every atom of my blood,
Strived hard to create an impression.

Overcrowded mind,
With intrusive thoughts,
Blind to the desires,
Cogitating upon my fears,
Only to be left behind.

Tracking the radiant light,
Discovered my dark cloud,
Yet another chance again,
This time it rained immense joy,
Turning everything bright.

Yet another face masked odd,
I Stopped waiting to be rescued,
Started walking towards freedom,
Lightning casted, unveiled reality,
I saw nature, I saw the God.

I just want to be in the spotlight,
Unlock the hidden soul of mine,
Sing this song of my life -
“I have been reborn”
To create a mark of delight.

Freed myself from perfection cage,
This will be my turn of life now,
I’ll live every moment,
Live it out really loud,
Its MYSELF REGARDLESS of the stage.

- Kota Bhaargavi Sai

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash



Kota Bhaargavi Sai

That kinda purple 💜as irascible as ❤ it is serene 💙